We like South African Wine. The birth place of Steen and Pinotage but also known worldwide for its pioneering, unfiltered, organic, less expensive wines. The real glory of South Africa is in the wines themselves.

Terms &Conditions

  • Quantity of bottles stated above means quantity in each delivery
  • Delivery option might be monthly or quarterly
  • Delivery charges are included into subscription rates
  • Each delivery content of wine brands will be no less than 50% different from the previous delivery
  • Subscription can be cancelled at any time with the refund of the 50% of the unused amount
  • Delivery address can be changed at any time at no additional costs
  • Subscription can be transferred by a subscriber to another person or company at any time
  • Fortified wine means muscadel, hanepoet, jerepiko and other sweet wines with additional alcohol content
  • Late harvest wine is generally white or caramel color wine
  • Port means generally red port but in rare occassions white port can be used

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